US Elections 2020 special advisory

Our experts lay out the significance of the 3rd November vote

The United States of America will hold its presidential and congressional elections on 3rd November 2020, in what may be one of the most controversial elections in American history.

US Elections Special Advisory
The coronavirus pandemic has altered the dynamics of the election to an unprecedented level. Election day will be the culmination of a tumultuous year for the country. The outbreak of COVID-19, race and inequality protests, and a divisive president have revealed deep divisions within American society. The partisan nature of this election increases the possibility of civil unrest in the run-up to, and aftermath of election day.
What's inside? 
  • Key features of the election
  • Analysis of primary policy issues
  • Our 'most likely' scenarios
  • Advice to organisations with operations in-country
  • How Healix can assist.