Available now! Healix Risk Outlook and Risk Map 2022

Risk documents mock up 2022 FINAL

Since 2018, Healix has shared its annual Risk Outlook and Risk Map, providing an expert forecast of the changing global risk landscape.

Last year, while COVID-19 dominated focus, we emphasised the increasing frequency of extreme weather events as an ever-worrying trend, together with supply chain disruption and cyber risks putting operations under pressure.

This year, while we expect these risks to remain, we warn of the next pandemic, reflecting on lessons learnt from COVID-19. Concerns around economic recovery and civil unrest as a result of the pandemic come to the fore, while the climate crisis poses new challenges to organisations needing to meet regulatory requirements.

As business travel looks set to make its return, we take a deep dive into the new ISO 31030 travel risk management standard, setting out what you can do to align with the global benchmark, alongside offering our regional highlights for the year ahead.

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