Preparing your employees for a return to business travel

What will business travel look like and how can you mitigate risk to travellers?

Preparing your employees for return to travel whitepaperFive months since unprecedented restrictions were introduced due to COVID-19 and parts of the world have tentatively started to reopen their economies, essential for enabling some form of recovery. Regardless of the strategy each country is taking, there continues to be no proven recovery playbook and not all countries will experience the same transition.

A re-start of business travel will require two key components. Governments must be prepared to allow passengers to travel internationally, and employees will need to feel confident that they can travel safely.

At Healix we want to play a part in helping companies get moving. The resumption of international travel will form part of that and in this whitepaper we assess what business travel will look like and advise on what you can do to mitigate risk to your mobile workforce.

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