Brexit special advisory

Our latest analysis of Brexit and its impact on organisations

The Brexit transition period is set to end on 31st December, with negotiations between the UK and EU regarding the future relationship still yet to reach a successful conclusion. Decisions made over the coming weeks will have long-term ramifications for political stability, trade, operations, security and business on both sides of the Channel. Brexit advisory

The European Commission and the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson have both designated 15th October as the deadline for any deal, in order to provide time for the agreement to be ratified and debated by the Houses of Parliament, the European Council and the European Parliament. 

With 15th October rapidly approaching, and with a ‘No Deal’ Brexit becoming ever more likely, we offer organisations our latest analysis.

What’s inside?

  • What Brexit means for businesses
  • The risks a ‘No Deal’ poses to organisations
  • What can you do to prepare?
  • How Healix can assist